Coming soon… Portrait & Fashion Photography Training & Workshops

Book a one-to-one fashion and portrait photography training day. With the a fully equipped studio, all you need to bring is your camera. My one-day fashion and portrait photography workshops here at our studio and garden are perfect for developing new skills or pushing those you already have to the next level.

Can be tailored for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike. I can cover your requirements, whether it’s lighting, posing or post-production.

Workshop Topics

I can design your day to suit your skill level and aspects of portrait photography that you’d like to explore. Some examples:

  • Basic camera controls

  • Available/natural light photography

  • Studio lighting and control

  • Off-camera flash

  • Lighting faces and the figure

  • Workflow and image management

  • Post production and retouching

Fashion and Portrait Workshop

We start the day with a lesson on the essentials of camera controls DSLR photography. Learning the relationship of shutter speed to aperture and depth of field. We’ll also look at the camera and lenses in relation to portrait photography. We do a bit of theory and look at what makes a good portrait, breaking it down into sessions on Lighting, Composition and the all-important Relationship to the Subject.

A complete day’s workshop at our studio in Hampshire, England with an experienced model.
The day will offer:

  • Tuition on studio lighting. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to use lighting to full effect, get some great shots portraits for your portfolio and gain experience in the studio setting. Including:

    • Using and controlling light

    • Setting up the camera – Manual

    • Metering with an external meter

    • White balance

    • Portraiture techniques

  • Different backgrounds and effect of lighting

  • High Key/ Low Key

  • Filters/Coloured Gels (optional)

  • Use of props

  • Interaction with and directing models

  • Learning photoshop techniques….developing your skills and confidence to allow you to get the very best from your work. And…you’ll leave with a selection of shots ready to post on your portfolio.

Examples of workshop techniques covered.