Picture Selection Quick Guide

Please follow the quick and easy steps to help select your pictures for retouching using the Adobe Lightroom link provided.

This guide is suited towards mobile/tablet usage but the steps are the same for use on PC/Mac.


Step 1 - Open Link & Navigating Pictures

Once you have received the link for your unretouched pictures, simply click to access.
(Due to the quantity of pictures contained, it is recommend to be on Wifi).

You can simply navigate through your pictures by swiping/scrollling up and down the page. Pressing/clicking individual pictures will enlarge that picture, allowing for further zooming.


Step 2 - Selecting Individual Pictures

When selected on an individual picture you are able to also navigate through your pictures. You can swipe left/right, pinch to zoom (on mobile), like and comment on the pictures you would like to have retouched.

To like and comment on your pictures you must create an Adobe ID, this is free and only takes a few second (See Step 3 Below).

*If you have any specific retouching requests, please feel free to add them in the comment box of the picture(s).


Step 3 - Creating a Abode ID (FREE)

Creating an Adobe ID (FREE) allows you to like and comment on the pictures you would like to be edited. This is linked to my computer and shows me which ones you would like.

It is very quick and simple to create an Adobe ID:

  • Press/Click on either the Like (heart) or Comment (speech box) in the bottom left of the screen when on an individual picture.

  • You will then be prompted to sign in. Press/Click “Sign In

  • A login page will appear, you can either create an account by pressing “Get an Adobe ID” in the centre of the page, with Facebook or Google at the bottom.

  • Once you have an account and are logged in you can then like and comment on pictures for selection.

  • If you would like the pictures to be filtered to only pictures you have “liked”, please contact me and I can do this for you.