Pre Photoshoot Information / Terms and Conditions

Here is a quick guide that I have put together to help out and give more information before/during a photoshoot.

Please read carefully to be sure you’re aware of terms and conditions and all available information before the photoshoot.

Deposit Payment

A £50 NON REFUNDABLE* deposit is required to confirm any booking with Rob Jamieson Photography. Bookings are made on a strictly first come first served basis. Dates will ONLY be secured upon receipt of the deposit.


If cancelling/rescheduling your photoshoot more than one month (30 days) prior to the date of the photoshoot all monies can be returned to the client/carried over to the new photoshoot date.

If cancelling/rescheduling your photoshoot less than one week (7 days) prior to the date of the photoshoot all monies will be retained by Rob Jamieson Photography. A new deposit will need to be paid for rescheduling.

Payment Terms

  • Deposit (see above) – payable to Rob Jamieson Photography.

  • Balance of payment – payable on the date of the photoshoot.

  • Extra retouched pictures – can be purchased at any time after the photoshoot.

  • No images will be released until the final balance is paid in full.


All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise. Prices and specifications are subject to change.


The intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright of all images taken will remain that of Rob Jamieson Photography.

Under terms and conditions, Rob Jamieson Photography reserves the right to use any image for publicity or advertising purposes without any compensation to the parties involved.

Artistic Licence

Rob Jamieson Photography shall be granted full artistic licence in relation to poses photographed and locations used at the photography locations. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and the willingness of subjects, it is not always possible to capture certain requested images.

Cancellation by Rob Jamieson Photography.

In the highly unlikely event of cancellation by myself, or unavoidable total photographic failure, the photographers’ liability shall be limited to a full refund of any booking fees and fees paid. Re-shoots may be arranged if practicable but the photographers will not be responsible for any further costs.


Before the Photoshoot.

Making sure you’ve taken care of basic grooming is a great place to start. Perfect your nails, eyebrows, skin, and hair. I’d recommend you exfoliate your skin and your body.

Fake tan!
This doesn’t show too well under studio lighting, so I would only recommend using it if its absolutely necessary.

Pose/practice in front of the mirror

Find what angles you think look best. This might seem odd, but it can help. What you see in the mirror doesn’t look exactly like a photo would, but knowing your best angles and features will help in the final pictures. Find attractive angles, poses, and faces.

Picture Styles / Clothes

It’s great to have an idea before the shoot of the kind of pictures you’d like to get from the shoot. Have a look at my Instagram and/or website and screenshot anything that you like. This is also a great place to get clothes and outfit ideas/suggestions. It’s recommended to bring 5/6 different outfits, with a few basic extras such plain t-shirts/top and plain simple underwear of varying neutral colours.

Clean and try your outfits

Does it look good? Does it fit? Does it suit the style of picture?


Either if you’re going to come to the shoot with your makeup fully or partially done, i’d recommend to bring a basic makeup kit with you, for any touch ups/changes that are needed, either before or during the shoot.
If you are going to be with a makeup artist, come with a clean moisturised face, with minimal/no makeup on, ready for the makeup artist to start from a fresh/clean canvas.


Feel free to at any time contact me regarding any additional information that you may have regarding your photoshoot.


During the Photoshoot.

Studio Facilites

Here at my studio I have most things you should need during the shoot. Such as:

  • Free parking outside

  • Makeup area/mirror

  • General beauty products (hairspray/makeup wipes/tissues/moisturiser/gown)

  • Changing Room

  • Wifi

  • Plug sockets / Phone Charger (iPhone)

  • Water (Hot/cold)

  • Tea/Coffee

  • Clothes rack (to hang / organise your outfits for the shoot)

  • Clothes Steamer

Posing / Direction

I can offer clear posing direction during the photoshoot to get the most out of the different looks, styles and lighting. Hopefully having practiced some basic poses in the mirror and finding your best angles will help make posing easier if you’re less experienced.

Try to be organic  

Don’t hold a pose for long. You want to be constantly moving/flowing, so the images look more natural and fluid.

Don’t think too much 

This goes back to organic movement. If you think too much, it will show in your face and your body.


Don’t be afraid to ask to see the photos during a quick break between frames, so you know how your movement and facial expressions are translating on camera.


After the Photoshoot.

A quick guide to what happens after the shoot, click learn more.