Post Photoshoot Information


Step 1 - Payment and Paperwork

After the photoshoot, paperwork is signed and payment has been made in full, please allow up to 5 business days to receive unretouched images for your selection.

You will receive a website link to access your pictures for selection, this link can be provided via email, WhatsApp, Instagram or SMS text.


Step 2 - Selecting My Pictures for Retouching

Using the link provided you can access your unretouched pictures and make selections for retouching. This works with any Apple iOS, Android, Windows phone and Mac/PC.

To select the pictures you would like editing please place comments on each picture you would like on Lightroom.

Click the button below for a simple guide to help using the online picture selection tool.


Step 3 - Receiving My Retouched Pictures

Please notify me when you have finished making your picture selections using the method in Step 2.

After your final choices have been made please allow up to 15 business days to receive retouched/edited pictures.

The pictures will be sent via either WeTransfer or Dropbox to the email address you have provided.